About AST Marine Sciences Ltd

Who are we?

A capable independent telematics company developed from satellite technology origins providing remote asset management services for vessel owners and operators of fixed and mobile assets including remote sensors. We have a dedicated team who understand the difficulties of operating marine assets and machinery in remote, often hostile locations globally. Part of the larger AST Group www.theastgroup.com

What we do?

Simply put, we deliver reduced costs and enhance efficiencies. To improve your margin you need to optimally manage people and equipment, your prime assets. You need to know what is happening so that timely decisions can be made and in particular you can anticipate problems away.
We provide the information you need to manage your business in a practical and cost effective way. If we do not reduce your costs or enhance operational efficiencies then we do not deserve your business. We do this by providing information on marine assets, fixed or mobile that you can use easily and on a daily basis as required. This includes exception reporting, alerts and statistical data all provided over radio or satellite networks and direct to you.
Marine assets are now never out of sight. Crucially, real time information is managed by accessible software to make your organisation better. Our approach incorporates real experience operating and maintaining vessels at sea, providing real cost reducing benefits.

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