iRAMS Preventative Maintenance Case Studies


iRAMS Gensets is a new cost effective satellite telematics and SCADA (supervisory, control and data acquisition) solution to monitor and control temporary power generators deployed in remote, hostile locations globally. 

Telematics is a mature industry based typically on utilising GSM/GPRS technologies however the challenge is when the genset you need to monitor is outside GSM coverage. For example in remote locations such as offshore oil platforms, unmanned platforms or offshore wind farms far from land. 

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PMS - Planned Maintenance System

Retention of historical data is a crucial element of any new installation and AST’s Planned Maintenance System has been designed with this in mind, and can easily import a wide variety of data formats including; Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, pictures and videos.

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Inshore Vessel Monitoring System (iVMS) Project

Following a tender process by the Marine Institute of Ireland, AST Marine Sciences was awarded a 2 year contract in March 2015 to supply an inshore vessel monitoring solution (iVMS) on over 125 fishing vessels as part of a project to help provide evidence of fishing vessel activity in support of protecting a sustainable razor clam fishery.  More recently this project has been extended until the end of 2017.

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Preventative Maintenance Monitoring

A new maritime remote sensing and engine diagnostic system, iRAMS (intelligent remote asset management system), protects commercial vessels, CTV, leisure and workboats by remotely monitoring the engines and generators combined with spatial location data.  Data is transmitted shore side via satellite or GSM to a web based, graphic user interface (GUI), in near real time, providing comprehensive diagnostic/efficiency reports and automated anomaly/exception alerts via SMS or e-mail.

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