Environmentally Responsible Fishing

Following a tender process, AST MSL was awarded a contract to supply a satellite GPS based tracking solution to provide DEFRA (Department For Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) with evidence of vessel positions in support of the Environmentally Responsible Fishing pilot project.

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Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

Predictive maintenance (PdM) - "Right information at the right time" offers cost savings over routine planned maintenance.

Predictive maintenance(PdM) techniques are designed to predict when routine servicing maintenance should be performed. This offers genuine cost savings because servicing tasks are performed only when required and can be scheduled in advance thus avoiding expensive, unplanned servicing or breakdowns of vessels on contract. 

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AST MSL install i52M tracking module onboard ‘Gardian’

AST's in-house developed satellite and GPRS tracking solution, the i52M Tracking Module supplied to Gardline on the Gardian CTV.

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