PMS to be installed on CWIND CTV fleet

AST Marine Sciences Ltd (MSL) awarded contract to supply CWind, the AST-Planned Maintenance System software on board their fleet of CTV vessels.

The AST-Planned Maintenance System is a powerful, comprehensive vessel organisational software tool. Developed by Marine Engineers, the system enables crew to stay on top of all the necessary equipment checks and servicing.

David Butt, Technical Support Coordinator at CWind reports – “CWind is pleased to confirm we are working with AST in implementing a new vessel planned maintenance system  (PMS) specifically tailored for the CWind fleet to improve productivity and efficiency.  Initial pilots have been successful and CWind will be implementing AST-Planned Maintenance System in a staged programme to the rest of the fleet, initially starting with our four new vessels currently in build.    In a competitive and increasingly regulatory environment, CWind is constantly striving for improved operational, reporting and fuel efficiencies and has also implemented AST`s new Intelligent Remote Asset Management System - iRAMS"