Defect Reporting - Module

Defect Reporting System

Defect reports are raised on the vessel and transmitted to the owner. As well as a detailed description of the defect, the report should contain the author’s considered opinion on the resources and actions required to rectify the problem. On transmission to the office system the owner enters the intended actions and sends the report back to the vessel, from that moment on the report is locked and cannot be modified. Notes can be written on the report and transmitted to and from the owner. All correspondence regarding a particular report will be attached to it. A report can only be closed on the vessel’s system, it is then re-sent to the owner whereupon it is automatically closed in the office system. 

Class Surveys

Class surveys are listed in the Class Surveys section of the system where surveys can be added, modified and deleted, and detailed listings of surveys carried out can be produced. Surveys are attached the appropriate job by a simple drag and drop method, then they will due at the same time as the job.

Dry-dock specification 

This module integrates with the duplicate system allowing managers to create a dry-dock specification. Defect reports can be included by a simple drag-&-drop method.   A Gannt chart is also provided to calculate timings and critical paths.   

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